April 1, 2020

Countdown to Census Day



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Census 2020 is coming!

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 The US Census 2020 is a federal initiative that every 10 years counts how many people live in the country. This decennial census is required by the US Constitution to be conducted by the US Census Bureau. 


We have work to do! Help US, Help YOU!

Census 2020 begins April 1st and there are obstacles to overcome that make it hard to count everyone - language barriers, apathy, homelessness, and fears regarding immigration. It's important that all Lexington residents participate because the census count affects how much federal funding our city gets for various programs for the next 10 years. 

Census forms can be filled out through July 2020 but fill yours out early!

Here are 7 REASONS why YOU should fill out your Census 2020 form

  1. CHOICES. Businesses decide where to open based on the number of people living there as reported by the Census. Want great new places to eat, shop, play, and work? BE COUNTED 
  2. MONEY. The federal government decides how much money to give communities based on Census numbers. Want more for the community without paying high fees and taxes? Every person not counted costs about $2,000 per year. That money gets sent to other cities and other states. We only get this chance every 10 years! We have to live with our count for a long time. We all lost over $6 million because the 2010 Census showed a 12% drop in population down to 18,931. BE COUNTED.
  3.  A VOICE. Voting districts are drawn based on census. BE COUNTED.
  4. INCLUSION. Want elected officials to better represent your needs? Feel left out? Want your neighborhood and your culture to be more recognized? Need help in a particular area of the city? BE COUNTED.
  5.  IT’S FOR EVERYONE. Every person counts: babies, youth, middle-aged, elderly, homeless, disabled, those who sleep on your sofa, and ALL nationalities. BE COUNTED.
  6.  IT’S SAFE. By law, the Census Bureau can only use the data to report total numbers, not individual information. No other federal agency, including ICE, can get your answers. BE COUNTED.
  7. IT’S EASY. Each house will be mailed a code to be used online to complete the form. It takes only 10 minutes to complete. #TeamUnity is here to help you. BE COUNTED.

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US Census Jobs Available

Counting everyone in the US is a massive undertaking. To help, the US Census Bureau is hiring hundreds of thousands of people in communities across the country to assist with the 2020 count. Join the team.

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