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Keys to becoming a "City of Choice"

In preparing the 2019-2020 budget, the key word ‘invest’ was leveraged as a resounding theme, both with community initiatives and within the workplace.  Strategic investments, along with a detailed work-plan, were incorporated to address the seven keys for Lexington to aspire to become a ‘City of Choice.’  Derived out of the City Council’s annual planning summit in early calendar year 2019, the ‘7 Keys’ are identified as follows:

  • City of Unity... safe, inclusive, welcoming, warm, inviting
  • City of Activity... engaging, fun, lively, healthy, active, savory food
  • City of Urban Design... aesthetics, historic, evolving, sense of place
  • City of Innovation... technology, education, smart, bright ideas, sustainable
  • City of Imagination... art, textured, inspiring
  • City of Connectivity... mobile, accessible, accommodating,virtual network
  • City of Opportunity... commerce, equity, prosperous, utility competitive edge

The aforementioned keys, along with City Council guiding principles and City staff vested input, provide the framework for setting budget priorities.

Specifically, key initiatives included in the work-plan revolve around unifying the community towards mobilization for a comprehensive count in Census 2020, a renewed approach to aggressively marketing for strategic economic development, a continuance of quality of life initiatives while interjecting a new public arts initiative, a commitment to synergize community messaging platforms for social media, and prudent financial investments in transportation and utility infrastructure. These investments are delicately balanced to limit budget and economic impacts on citizens and customers.

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