Utility Services Directory

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Public UtilitiesDepartmentsPhone
Utility Payments and BillingCustomer Service(336) 243-2489
Electric ServiceElectric Service(336) 248-3920
Utility Rebates & Energy Saving ProgramsMarketing(336) 248-3945
Natural Gas ServiceNatural Gas Service, Public Utilities Administration(336) 248-3945
Water and Sewer Line Installation/MaintenancePublic Works Maintenance and Construction(336) 248-3930
Utility InventoryUtility Warehouse(336) 243-2489
Wastewater Treatment Plant Water Resources(336) 248-3930
Water Quality ControlWater Resources(336) 248-3930
Water Treatment PlantWater Resources
Wastewater Treatment Plant/Compost SalesWater Resources(336) 357-7889