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gas meterNatural Gas Meter Safety 
Your gas meter is designed to be completely functional and safe. The meter set is designed with a customer turn-off valve that is located on the piping between the meter and the house. This valve enables your heating contractor to turn-off the gas into your house for their working convenience, as well as for emergency personnel.

Your meter is inspected by Lexington Utilities Natural Gas department personnel every three years to make sure it is safe, taking accurate readings, and free from corrosion. Periodically, your meter will be replaced with a new one to further ensure accurate use and billing of natural gas consumption.

To protect your meter and your safety, the Natural Gas department asks that you:
  • Do not plant flowers or shrubs near the meter, as the meter regulator has an air channel for air intake for proper breathing.
  • Do not attach or lay objects against or near the gas meter.  A possible electrical malfunction may occur; or a minor electrical shock to a person or an animal could occur.
  • Do not allow soil build-up to occur under the gas meter.  Maintain an air space between the gas meter and the ground surface.
  • Treat your gas meter as any other important tool you may have.  Do not run into the gas meter with a mower or other mobile unit.  Serious damage could occur to the connecting pipe with severe results.
EXERCISE SAFETY WITH YOUR NATURAL GAS METER. As a natural gas customer, your meter is the passage way to a comfortable and safe living standard.