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Do you have questions about connecting to natural gas?
Here is some information that will help you.

When it is time to actually connect to natural gas, what do I do first?

  • Call the Lexington Utilities at 248-3945 and request to speak with an Energy Marketing Representative who will assist you with your application. You can also visit City Hall at 28 West Center Street in Lexington and sign up through a Utility Account Representative.

What is involved with making an application?

  • You will be asked for pertinent information such as your name, address, telephone number, and social security number.
  • For commercial or industrial customers, additional information may be required.
  • A Utility Account Representative will gladly walk you through the application process and let you know what specific information you need to furnish to set up an account. In many cases, the application process can be completed on the telephone.

What happens next?

  • A Natural Gas field technician will contact you to schedule a time to visit your property.
  • The technician will determine where the service meter site should be located.
  • ALL other  private utilities such as a well or septic tank must also be identified by the owner.
  • An approximate installation date may be set.

What will the gas service line from the street to my property cost?

  • If you are located on our current system (existing lines are in front of your house or nearby in your neighborhood), then up to 300 feet of service line will be run for a tap fee of $250. There is an additional charge of $10 per foot for footage over 300 feet.
  • If you are located in an expansion area, there is a promotional deal. For areas into which natural gas is just entering, up to 500 feet of service line will be run for a tap fee of $100. There is an additional charge of $10 per foot for footage over 500 feet. This is a limited time promotion within each expansion area.

Does it cost anything to convert my appliances?

  • Yes. Many appliances can be converted by using a conversion kit. You are responsible for the installation costs, which are based on time and materials (labor, parts and materials, permit costs, etc.).

Can all appliances be converted to natural gas?

Does the City sell appliances?

  • No.  Not at this time.

Will Lexington Utilities help me with converting my appliances?

  • No. You will need to contact your own contractor for installation.

How do I get the gas lines run inside my house or building from the meter to my appliances?

  • You will need to contact your own contractor for connecting the appliances.

Do I need any permits for this work? 

  • Yes, you will need a permit. When you hire your own contractor to perform the conversion, confirm who will obtain the permit - you or your contractor.
  • The cost for the permit varies according to the work being done. You are responsible for the cost of the permit.

Connecting to natural gas is a great idea. Please summarize the steps for me.

  • A gas main must be installed on your street.
  • Call (336) 248-3945 to make an application and set up an account.
  • Meet with Lexington Utilities Natural Gas personnel at your property to determine meter location and discuss installation date of gas service line from the street.
  • Obtain cost information for converting appliances and installing inside gas lines from your contractor.
  • Obtain a mechanical permit for the work.
  • Convert the appliances to use natural gas.
  • Install inside gas lines from meter to appliances.
  • The work must be inspected and it must pass inspection.
  • After the work passes inspection, Lexington Utilities Natural Gas personnel will schedule the meter installation and/or meter turn on.

What's next?

  • ENJOY your new lifestyle with natural gas!
  • You will save money, plus realize the benefits of natural gas: comfort - reliability - efficiency - clean energy source - peace of mind.