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Lexington Utilities is the trusted electric provider for residential, commercial and industrial customers across Davidson County.  We know that our customers count on us to be a safe, reliable and efficient energy source. The Electric department has been awarded the Reliable Public Power Provider (RP3) award for the past 10 years. This award is given for the highest degree of reliable and safe electrical service. In total, only 275 of the more than 2,000 public power utilities nation-wide hold the RP3 designation.


News: Lexington public power strengthens relationship with ElectriCities

Lexington has been a member of the North Carolina public power community since 1904 and is proud to carry on that rich tradition.

Electric Crew

It has partnered with ElectriCities to begin managing its electric operations beginning June 30, 2018. Customers will not experience any changes in electric service. All customer service and billing questions will continue to be managed in Lexington, and the electric system will continue to operate out of the existing Electric Operations Center under the guidance of ElectriCities.

This partnership will allow Lexington to benefit from ElectriCities’ expertise and experience, while maintaining local ownership and control of its electric operations.

ElectriCities has successfully managed the Huntersville and Cornelius electric systems since 1997 and the Pineville electric system since 2016.

New Customers

Lexington Utilities provides a complete package to make your connection to electric as easy and convenient as possible. 

If you have any questions, please contact the Marketing or Customer Service department.

Emergency Calls

The Electric department responds 24/7 to emergency calls. Emergencies include:

  • Power Outages
  • Downed Power Lines
  • Fire
  • Storm-related damages

Visit the following page to find out how to report a problem with electric service.