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What will happen when you call 811 One-Call Center? 811 logo.jpg
1. Dial 811
2. One Call notifies the City of Lexington utilities 
3. Within 3 Business days, Lexington Utilities will mark our natural gas lines
4. Once marked, you can dig safely.

Have the following available when you call 811:
1. The county and city/town you are digging in
2. Location of the work (i.e. street address)
3. Nearest street crossing
4. Area to be marked
5. Date of excavation
6. Start time of excavation
7. Type of work
8. Caller's name
9. Contractor/contact number

What will happen if you DON'T Call 811?
1. Damage to environment
2. Interruption of various underground services
3. Job and project delays
4. Legal problems
5. Accidents and injuries
6. Charges for repairs to Lexington Utilities' natural gas lines

Lexington Utilities thanks you for cooperation in this matter and also reminds you that it is the LAW!