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One-Stop-Shop Utility Services
Lexington Utilities is a municipally owned and operated public utility system which provides a "one-stop shop" for utility services of Electric, Water Resources and Natural Gas for residential, commercial and industrial customers of the City of Lexington, NC and Davidson County.

The mission of Lexington Utilities is to provide safe and reliable services for our customers at the lowest cost possible; to maintain and operate facilities that assure safe, dependable electricity, natural gas, water and sewer; and to plan for the future to assure adequate resources with progressive, but sound, economic reasoning.

Understanding Your Utility Bill
Because there is more to your utility bill than the amount due, please check out this sample bill for an explanation of various charges and how they are calculated.  

More Information
Our Marketing Department is committed to assist you in seeking the most cost effective utility solution. If you are interested in the services we offer or have questions, please contact us. View the department's organizational chart here.