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Seasonal Leaf Collection

Leaf season collection runs from October through December. During that time, the City of Lexington primary utilizes tractors mounted with squeeze clamps to load the leaves into garbage trucks. Street sweepers follow the leaf collection vehicles to provide final clean up.  

For the purpose of leaf collection, the City is divided into two sections, east and west. Leaf season is a weekly collection process. For timely collection, leaves must be ready at the curb or roadside no later than Monday at 6:00 a.m. of the designated collection week. Check out the 2019 Leaf Collection Schedule for more information. 

**Bulk leaves will not be collected after the season has ended**

Brush Collection Guidelines: 

  • Brush must not exceed the allowable collection amount of five (5) cubic yards (equating to 8 feet in length, 4 feet wide, 4 feet high) within a 30 day period
  • Tree limbs should not exceed 5 feet in length or weigh more than 75 pounds
  • Brush should be placed neatly at the curb with all limbs facing the same direction
  • Brush cut from vacant lots will NOT be collected
  • Brush mixed with other materials such as garbage, junk or household trash will NOT be collected
  • Brush that does not meet size requirements (stumps, logs) will NOT be collected
  • Brush placed in an inaccessible area (under wires, tree branches or blocked by vehicles) will NOT be collected.
  • Please call 336-248-3965 one day prior to your regular collection day to request a  pick up.

New Yard Waste Carts

Yard Waste GraphicThe City is phasing in new rollout yard waste carts. Tuesday's and Thursday's collection days are already using the new brown carts. Friday's collection day is currently being phased into the program.   

The Yard Waste Cart Program is another way to beautify the City and protect storm drains; while providing citizens with a convenient way to dispose of yard waste.  Watch the video below to learn more about how to properly load yard waste into the rollout. 

Note:  Seasonal leaf collection is not affected by this new program.

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Materials you may put in the brown yard waste carts:

  • Grass
  • Leaves
  • Small branches, sticks, shrubbery clippings and garden residue

What to leave OUT of the carts: 

  • No garbage
  • No dirt
  • No construction material
  • No animal waste
  • No bags or boxes

How to set your cart at the curb: 

  • Set the cart at the curb with the arrows pointing to the street, as indicated on the lid
  • Carts should be placed out of the roadway and away from mailboxes, fire hydrants, parked cars, and light poles
  • Leave space between your green garbage cart(s), blue recycling cart(s), and brown yard waste cart
  • Yard waste is collected on your regular recycling and waste collection day, unless service is modified during a holiday week.