The Recycling and Waste Collection Department maintains a high standard of guarding public health, cleanliness and environmental protection by managing the timely collection and disposal of recycling and solid waste generated by the citizens of Lexington, North Carolina.  
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Green rollout containers are for garbage collection. These rollouts are collected once a week according to the collection schedule. Scheduled pickup days may change during the holidays, check out the 2020 Holiday Collection Schedule. Only rollout containers issued by the City are allowed to be used. All garbage must be bagged and contained within the green rollout container with lid closed.


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rollout containers are for recycling collection. Do your part to reduce waste in your community by practicing the 3 R's: reduce, reuse and recycle! The recycling rollouts are collected bi-weekly according to the 2020 Recycling Calendar. Recyclables do not require bagging, but must be contained within the blue rollout container.


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rollout containers are for yard waste. This program is currently being phased in with Tuesday, Thursday and Friday's routes. These rollouts are collected weekly with regular garbage collection. Over the next few years, other routes will be implemented. Yard waste that does not fit inside the cart will still be collected. Leaf season pickup will not be affected. Visit the yard waste service page to learn more.


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  • If you witness illegal dumping in progress, call Police Non-Emergency at 336-243-3305.
  • To report illegal dumping that has already occurred (not in progress), call Police Non-Emergency at 336-243-3305.
  • If you witness someone dumping what may be hazardous waste, please call 911.


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