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Police Training Center Dedication

Lexington Police Department has a state of the art Police Training Center that is regarded as one of the best in the State of North Carolina, including a qualifying firearms range. Dedicated on November 4, 2010, the Police Training Center was built with 100% Federal asset forfeiture funds totaling $1.7 million and due to the intense efforts of our police force, no tax dollars were required from Lexington citizens.  

Shooting RangeNamed for a former police chief, V.G. Price Sr. Firing Range is adjacent to the training center and offers a sophisticated turning target system manufactured by Action Target; which allows the target to turn towards and away from the shooter at specific time intervals and is considered a must-have for proper firearms qualification.

Training Facility at the Police Training Center

LPD Honor Guard at Training CenterNational, state and local law enforcement training is hosted at the facility. Lexington Police Officers benefit from this quality training as they prepare for advancement and thrive in their careers with the many technological and equipment advantages the progressively run Lexington Police Department offers to recruits.