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Police and Badge

Integrity, Service, Honor, Professionalism...Become one of us!

The Lexington Police Department is a professional agency dedicated to protecting against those who would endanger the safety of our citizens. We pride ourselves on being among the best and most progressive police departments in North Carolina. We offer many opportunities for a rewarding career in law enforcement. Sign up for e-news to be notified when job opportunities are available with the department.

The department has many different fields that include: Patrol, Investigations, Vice and Narcotics, Special Operations, School Resource Officer, Drug Abuse Resistance and Education, Gang Resistance Education and Training, Emergency Response Team, Crime Prevention, Crime Scene Investigator, Latent Print Examiner, Honor Guard, K-9, Traffic Control, School Guard, Communications and administrative support staff. 

Police car on the moveOfficers are assigned newly designed fully equipped cars with cutting edge equipment such as a laptop computer, in-car camera and prisoner transport enclosures. Laptops allow officers to remain in the field protecting the community while submitting reports wirelessly to the station. This technology reduces trips to the office to turn in reports and reduces response times to emergency calls for service. Officers respond to approximately 59,000 calls annually.

The members of the Lexington Police Department are proactive in enforcement and crime prevention efforts. We strive to make Lexington the safest city in North Carolina. When a crime occurs, officers respond appropriately to investigate, arrest and prosecute any wrongdoers. Police officers work closely with the District Attorney’s Office and other law enforcement agencies to reduce future crimes. Visit the crime statistics page to view recent trends. 

New ChargerShooting RangeWith a state of the art Police Training Center that is regarded as one of the best in the State of North Carolina, the Lexington Police Department hosts national, state and local law enforcement training at the facility. Lexington police officers benefit from this quality training as they advance in their careers.