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The Breeden Insurance AmphitheaterAmphitheater

Located in the heart of Uptown Lexington, the Breeden Insurance Amphitheater provides the community the perfect outdoor venue to enjoy entertainment and outdoor activity, while also experiencing everything Lexington has to offer from unique shops to delicious food. Lexington celebrated the opening of the Amphitheater with the Depot District Music Fest in April of 2017 and is hosting four more talented bands with the second Music Fest April 13, 2019. The City is proud of this venue, which reflects the history of the area in its design. The Amphitheater is expected to undergo additional finishing touches, including permanent seating, sound equipment and lighting, in the future.  

Bull City Ciderworks and Goose & the Monkey BrewhouseGlasses of cider on the bar at Bull City Cider House

The City is slowly becoming a hot spot for nightlife, and two new establishments offer something that is both unique and refreshing. Bull City Ciderworks brings outside dollars into the local economy through sales and distribution to their communities. The Cidery and Goose & the Monkey Brewhouse make use of existing buildings and utilizes creative repurposing to breathe new life into the Depot District.

New Lease of Former NC Candy Factory Building

In 2017, Development Partners Michael Tesh, Dr. George Azar and Chris Lynn agreed to lease the former NC Candy Factory building located on Salisbury Street in the Depot District. The developers said they do not have a specific plan in place for how they will use the space; but they are considering a mixed-use project that will possibly involve a restaurant, a way for artisans to showcase their work and a place for families to gather. 

Edward C. Smith Civic Center MarqueeCivic Center Sign

In 2018, The Edward C. Smith Civic Center received a new marquee. The Civic Center is Lexington's premiere historical theatre located directly on Main Street. The sign features are retro with a modern twist that includes the added safety and convenience of a digital display. 

The Future Lexington Transportation Center

Lexington has been working on re-establishing passenger rail service in the Depot District and ultimately creating a Transportation Center that would feature an Amtrak train as well as Piedmont Authority of Regional Transportation (PART) regional bus services. The Transportation Center would connect Lexington citizens to education and job opportunities and attract new residents and businesses to the area. 

The Transportation Center Vision Depot District Train

The vision for the Transportation Center is to offer fully connected regional transportation networks that support business, industry and personal opportunities for growth. Once at the transportation center, citizens can take a  PART regional bus to Winston-Salem, High Point or Greensboro; or take an Amtrak passenger train ride with stops along the Raleigh-Charlotte corridor, or further.


Steps for Getting a Railroad & City Progress

 YES  Obtain federal grant to fund engineering for tracks, architectural plans and federal environmental report.
 YES  Complete preliminary engineering plans for track realignment, loading platforms, tunnel replacement, track operations, station building architectural schematic plans and prepare the Environmental Analysis report. Since property is considered historic by State, negotiate memorandum of agreement for sign-off at federal level. 
 YES   NCDOT Rail Division submits the official request for the Lexington station to be modeled by Norfolk Southern.  
 YES  Submit engineering plans to key agencies for review.
 YES   Submit plans to High Point MPO for inclusion in State Transportation Plan. Lobby for ranking. (Voted top project in this district)
 YES  Work with NCDOT staff through scoring process to ensure high rating.
PARTIAL COMPLETION Gain consensus on the proposed configuration and operations from key agencies including NCDOT Rail Division, Norfolk Southern, North Carolina Railroad Company, USDOT, Federal Railroad Administration, High Point Metropolitan Planning Organization, Davidson County Transportation Department, Piedmont Authority for Regional Transportation. (General consensus has been reached, but final sign-off doesn’t occur until Norfolk Southern completes modeling. Modeling determines what improvements need to be made to the entire system in order to add another stop on the line without losing any time in scheduling. Plans have been submitted to all agencies for review.)
 NOT YET Modeling by Norfolk Southern. (1 month process once started)
 NOT YET Write operating agreements to be signed by key agencies. (6 month process)
 NOT YET Apply for and receive State and Federal funding. (6 month process between application and awards)
 NOT YET Begin construction (18 month process) 



A Rendering of What the Rail Station Might Look Like 

Rendering of Depot District