The Information Technologies Department is responsible for the optimal performance, connectivity, reliability and security of technology across multiple physical locations and city facilities. Rapidly changing technologies is a constant and requires continual adaptation by this department. Public safety, public health, customer 'online' expectations, 'real time' information demands, and business continuity for a multimillion dollar government operation results in 24/7 reliance on technology infrastructure. 

Core Mission
The core mission of the IT team is to research, introduce and integrate innovative technology solutions, identify funding restraints versus the gains in employee productivity and work under the leadership of City Administration to meet the Keys to becoming a City of Choice, initiatives, and vision for the City of Lexington.


Lexington's City WiFi Pig LogoInformation Technologies worked with other city personnel to install CityWiFi outdoor wireless internet service in Uptown Lexington. 

To access a map of CityWiFi availability in the Uptown Lexington district, please click here and zoom in to view.

For additional information about the Information Technologies department or services, please contact us. View the department's organizational chart here

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