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Property Tax Information 
The City of Lexington is a multimillion dollar government operation. The Annual Budget for the organization, which must be adopted by June 30th, is the single most important policy statement made by City Council and the ultimate partnership between City Council, staff, citizens, customers and partner agencies for that fiscal year.  Each year, as part of the budget adoption, City Council sets the City of Lexington property tax rate which generates tax revenue to support basic city government services such as police and fire protection. 

The City's property tax rate is $.65 per $100 valuation. The total value of all taxable property is known as the City's tax base and is currently estimated at $1.56 billion. Additionally, the City levies an Uptown Special Tax District rate of $.20 per $100 valuation, as agreed upon by the Uptown merchants, to foster economic development and vitality in the Uptown Lexington business district. 

Property taxes for the City of Lexington are billed and collected by the Davidson County Tax Department and consolidated for convenience on one tax bill.    

Requests for Information regarding your Property Tax Bill
For questions related to a property tax bill in Davidson County, please contact:

Davidson County Tax Office
336.242.2160 and 336.242.2180
913 Greensboro Street
Lexington, NC  27292 

Additionally, the Davidson County Tax Office bills and collects Davidson County property taxes at a rate of $.54 per $100 valuation to support county government services, as well as Lexington City Schools property taxes at a rate of $.12 per $100 valuation to support city schools.