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City Manager City Hall after 2016 renovation

The City Manager, as chief administrative officer of the City of  Lexington, is responsible to the Mayor and City Council for providing executive leadership and organizational support necessary to carry out the policies and ordinances of the City Council, to oversee the day-to-day operations of city government, and to appoint Department Leaders who direct City staff to deliver the services and to meet the Keys to becoming a City of Choice, initiatives and vision for the City of Lexington.

City Administration staff, along with the Department Leaders, are steadfast in their commitment to provide results-oriented, practical and creative approaches when implementing City Council's Keys.  As a result, there continues to be a transformation of city government into a more streamlined and cost-efficient operation that promotes the community to benefit the citizens of Lexington in numerous ways.

To efficiently and effectively discharge the responsibilities of chief administrative officer of the City of Lexington requires staff support. An administrative team works collaboratively under the leadership of the City Manager to support City Council in meeting its duties and responsibilities, oversee departments that deliver services to citizens and customers, manage a multimillion annual budget and work with over 20 appointed boards and commissions.

City Clerk
The City Clerk team of professionals are responsible for the following:

  • Maintaining complete and accurate records of all City Council proceedings and meetings as well as all official City files
  • Preparing, distributing and posting agenda materials and minutes of City Council meetings
  • Preparing and publishing notices of public meetings and hearings
  • Ensuring the City's Code of Ordinances is accurate and routinely updated
  • Maintaining applications, comprehensive list, terms of office and attendance of Boards and Commissions members and administering Oaths of Office to each new member
  • Preserving the legal and historical integrity of City government through maintenance of official legal records.

City Administration Staff 

Terra A. Greene, City Manager

Sara S. “Tina” Lanier, MMC, City Clerk  

Angel C. Lineberry, CMC, Administrative Associate

Emily R. Michael, NCCMC, Deputy City Clerk

Brittany Lance, Director of Public Relations

View the department's organizational chart here.


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